Everything you need to know

Joining SERP

Joining SERP is very easy. You can join us on Discord. After joining the server password will be provided to you by one of the admins. There are also plenty of things to do on the Discord server. Furthermore, there are some things that are good to know beforehand. You can read the highlights on this page, you can read more on Discord (everything-you-need-to-know).

There are rules in order to improve RP, and keep everything civil. There is still plenty of freedom within those rules, but it could help to read the rules in order to get an idea about the possibilities in-server and in Discord.

If you have any questions regarding the server or Discord you could ask for Admin support with the form provided. Furthermore, admins are very active in-game and on Discord, and will help you out if needed.

Serplaxia Laws

There is a federal government in Serplaxia. The president is voted through elections on Discord, and can make laws. Whether or not you abide by those laws is totally up to you. Breaking a Serplaxia Law does not lead to out-of-game consequences, but might lead to new RP.

In server services

You can buy ships that will be pasted in (in exchange for spacecredits). You can earn spacecredits by trading at NPC stations, or trading with other factions. Furthermore, factions could also offer services, which could be promoted at Discord.