About SERP

Space Engineers Roleplay is the EU-based server for enhanced roleplay

SERP is a great sandbox survival RP server which gives you great opportunities for all kinds of roleplay:

  • PvP roleplay: The server offers a wonderful framework for engaging roleplay in PvP conflicts with other factions.
  • PvE roleplay: There are several threats in the system, which lead to common enemies and increasing cooperation between different factions.
  • Community projects: You can start community projects or join existing projects. These projects increase trading and RP between different factions.
  • Server events: We host server events, such as races, shows and deathmatch-style events. These events are also a great opportunity to hang out with other members of the community.

Other reasons to join SERP

Great community

We have an active community that is heavily involved in RP and eager to help out new players.

Active admins

We have an active admin team which is easy to reach, and happy to help out players when experiencing issues in-game.

No periodic wipes

The server doesn’t get wiped periodically in order to give players a lot of possibilities to build up their factions. If a wipe is needed for system performance, players will be compensated for their grids. 

99% vanilla premium server

The server is 99% vanilla, with one mod (Skybox mod) and controlled scripts. The server is premium, in order to keep everything running smoothly.